Temples in Nadiad

Nadiad, a well known railway junction is a premier city considering the education and business scenarios. It has a spell bounding historical background and is pretty famous for its temples. Some of the famous temples here are Santram Mandir, Swaminarayan Temple and Shrinarayan temple.

Santram Mandir: This is the most popular and the biggest temple of the district. The number of people that visit the temple everyday is countless. Thousands of devotees visit the temple during full moon nights of each month of the Hindu Calender. Also the Janmashtami festival brings in countless number of people from various places. A number of orators come to the temple during the festival time to organize lectures for inhabitants of the town. Another good thing is Santram Kanyashala, a girls school was built here by the temple authorities. Many open taps were also built here. There is a playground for the children to play games.

Swaminarayan Temple: This is another famous temple here built in 1824 A.D. by an English priest with the support of Mr. Williams, the president of Baroda. Swaminarayan Sects founder, Shree Sahajanand Swami visited the place at that time along with a famous horse rider named Thakor. During that period, the office was called by the name .Valanda ni Kacheri. meaning office of Dutch. Now it is called Shankar Badani Haveli. The meeting took place at .Juni Haveli., the old villa located at the Harida hospital. At the meeting, Shree Sahajanand invited Rev.Heber as well as Mr.Williams to attend his nephew.s religious ceremony. Shree Sahajanad Swami led many to follow his footsteps and an order to build a temple on the road to .Amdavadi Bazaar. was made. This is the history behind this great temple which is visited by many people every day.

Shri Narayan Temple: Located at the center of the town and near Harkhjee.s Haveli, Shi Narayan temple is another famous temple in Nadiad that was built in 1858 of the Hindu Calender by Gaekwad. The idol here looks similar to that of Dakore. The craftsmen and mansons who worked to build the temple were put in the .Diwankhana. while the brick making place became the Ratan Lake called as Ratan Talav later.

Goswami.s Temple: This temple is the land where in Purshottam Das was born and celebrated his birth. The Banias took special interest while the temple was being made. A ceremony called .chhappan blog. took place in 1937 in the presense of the priest Vrajratnalaji Goswami. Hundreds of people from the villages surrounding the place had visited the temple.

Mota Kamnath Mahadev: This is a very old temple located in the southern part of the town that remained existent during the rule of Peshwa.s. The income of temple was used to serve the street dogs and cows. The surroundings of the temple are very beautiful and people can rest themselves on the sitting benches arranged here.

These are the famous temples and places or religious importance located in Nadiad, which retains its position as one of the best religious tourist attractions.