Education, Industries and Employment in Nadiad

Nadiad, a city in Gujarat and one of the famous tourist destinations of India is famous for its educational services as there are several universities and institutes of learning like Dharmasinha Desai university, Mission Heart institute etc. Education created employement and hence the oppurtunities in Nadiad are many.

Eduation is given at most importance in Nadiad. The fact that 9 top most scholars are recognized and honored proves the importance these people give to education. The total number of schools in Nadiad stands at 20 where in the number of teachers employed is 168. Number of men and women teachers is 105 and 13 respectively while the total number of students pursuing education in these schools is 7650. All these are government schools and there are also 7 private schools that are run under the government control. The prime school here is Fulchand Bapuji Shishuvihar High school that has got 5 branches. Other prominent schools are New English School, Saraswati HighSchool, City High School and Basudiwala public school. Prominent colleges include Shree Vithal knaya Vidhyalaya, C.B Patel Arts Institute, J and J college, Ayurvedic college etc. A special college for women, Shrre Khadayata Women training Institute trains women on various arts and Sanskrit is taught at Shree Khadayata Sanskrit Patyashala. There are also libraries like Dahi Lakshmi Library and General Library. Long back, the efforts of Ambubhai Purani led to the set up of 19 gymnasiums. Unfortunately they are out of control now though some do exist like the Dalal Vitthaldas Somchand Gymnasium, Por Education Trust Gymnasium and Visa Khayaat Gymnasium .

People from various parts of India reside here. So the place is a blend of castes, religions and languages. The occupation is diverse and range from agriculture and laborers to high end businesses. The number of businesses here is on a constant rise which is leading to a gradual improvement in economy.

An important business here is tobacco processing and it is in fact the largest market of the district and second biggest market in the Gujarat state. New Shorrok Mills is a good mill establishment here where more than 2500 people are employed. Apart from these, there are Steel factories, Furniture makers, Soap factories, metal and iron factories, leather etc. Other local factories include sugar, dhandal and agarbatti makers. Cottage industry is another established industry here that is associated with patrala, an item made from a tree that resembles a plate. Other clothing industries including tobacco snuff, bamboo, weaking, cloth coloring, textile printing etc. The number of small scale industries is constantly on a rise and adding to the economy of the district.

These are the famous educational institutes and industries in Nadiad. The number of industries is growing exponentially and also there is scope to establish more schools in the state to balance the growing population. This proves that Nadiad is not only a tourist place but a home for education and employment and a great place to live in.