About Nadiad and Its Brief History

Nadiad, located in Gujarat state, India is not just a city but it is the Kheda.s district administrative center. The city which is famous for its humanitarian services features several prestigious universities and institutes including Dharmasinh Desai University, Mission Heart Institute, etc and hospitals like Mhagujarat Hospital, Civil Hospital and a health center.

Nadiad was initially called .Natapadra. which was in turn derived from the word .Nata. meaning a traditional dance. A group of rope dancers settled here initially and hence the name. Other names for Nadia is .Nandgam. and .Shakshar Bhumi. meaning the land where educated lives. The city is greatly linked to the number 9 as there are nine roads and 9 villages exit from these roads. Interestingly, the number of step wells and lakes is also 9 each.

The land of educated boasts of many great writers and poets including Ambalal Purani, Mahadevbhai Desai etc. Muslims ruled the place initially and later Gayakwad of Barods took over the power. .Narayan Dev Mandir. was built here by Malhar Rao which is indeed the first Hindu temple.

The main residents of the city are Patidars who were separated into a group of 4. Desai Vago is the first group and these people were associated with Kheta Patel. A great Desai was Tulsidas and his sons and grandsons. The first barrister who belonged to the district is Tulsidas. There were also few eminent Patidars including Jayantibhai and Manubhai. Both of them were brothers and contributed a lot to the educational society of Nadiad. This led to the development of Commerce as well as Arts college here. Babubhai is another great Patidar who became an MLA at 26 and also worked as the chief minister of Gujarat.

.BHAUSAHEB NI HAVELI. house has about 249 rooms which is comparable to the great Rashtrapati Bhavan. This is a prestigious haveli that belonged to Bhaousdaheb before independence. Great personalities like Swami Vivekanand and Mahatma Gandhi stayed here.

Apart from these local communities, others like Brahmins, Muslims and Vaniks also contributed to the development of the city. Nagars were the people who were primary responsible for the establishment of Nadiad. It is an eminent caste in the state of Gujarat and it is a fact that all the 9 shakshars here are Nagars and not Patidars. Shakshars refers to the most educated people of the society according to people of Nadiad. They are respected throughout the world. Some of the prominent Nagars are Govardhanram Tripathi and Mast Kavi.

With such a great historical background, Nadiad gradually became a hub for education, industries and employment. It is also a great tourist destination and .Unity in Diversity. is clearly seen here as people from various castes are living together like brothers and there is a steady progress in the economy of the state due to the contribution made by various workers, employers and industrialists. Nadiad is definitely worth a visit if you are interested in knowing the culture of India. What not? There are several tourist attractions here that will remain your mind forever.